The International Data Spaces Association’s (IDSA) new »Use Case Radar« once again acknowledges the importance of the Silicon Economy as a use case for secure data spaces. The innovative tool was presented at the international IDSA summit.

Data sovereignty is a key component and enabler in a Silicon Economy for logistics. The insights and components of International Data Spaces, whose primary goal is to enable data exchange while maintaining data sovereignty, play a key role in the infrastructure of the Silicon Economy. Indeed, Silicon Economy researchers have laid the foundations for making this safe data space widely useable in logistics: a new software component – the Wrapper Toolbox – now enables companies to quickly and simply integrate a data space connector in their IT landscape without needing any in-depth knowledge of the International Data Spaces reference architecture.

The International Data Spaces Association‘s (IDSA) new »Use Case Radar«, presented at the international IDSA summit at the end of June, maps all use cases for the International Data Spaces (IDS) in a tool which is easy to use, assigns them to industries and functional areas and sorts them according to their maturity levels. These maturity levels range from planning and piloting up to full scale operations in International Data Spaces. »In the Silicon Economy, data and their use are connected via the International Data Spaces. This enables companies to maintain sovereignty over their data and to connect the use of the data with the data itself«, explains Dr. Michael Schmidt, responsible for strategy development in the Silicon Economy.

Generally, logistics is considered to be one of the most important application fields for secure data spaces because it connects things. The digital infrastructure for the platform ecosystem of the future – the essential goal of the Silicon Economy – »enables a comprehensive transparency in added value networks and creates trust along entire supply chains, from raw material suppliers to the end customers« according to the project description in the »Use Case Radar«. This is maybe the most important requirement and incentive to encourage all companies to get involved.