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IDS Integration Toolbox

About the IDS Integration Toolbox

The IDS Integration Toolbox (previously IDS Wrapper Toolbox) is a Java-based software library that aims at simplifying the integration of IDS components into existing or emerging systems. Experience has shown that entering the IDS world, even with components such as the Dataspace Connector (DSC) as an out-of-the-box component, is a major challenge for developers. The IDS Integration Toolbox offers an approach to reduce this complexity to a minimum. For this purpose, the library provides classes and methods for the programmatic operation and management of a DSC at runtime, thus complementing the configuration options provided out-of-the-box for an easy entry into the world of IDS. Workflow methods reduce IDS-specific handling of data to a minimum of complexity. The library can be used for the development of stand-alone adapter modules or integrated into data providing applications.

Involved People

Timo Erler,; Johannes Pieperbeck, Ronja Quensel, Haydar Qarawlus, Malte Hellmeier, Steffen Biehs, Marc Peschke

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