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About libVDA5050++

The aim of the VDA5050 standard is to standardize the interface of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from the control system to the respective AGV. Today’s systems are mainly isolated solutions, which means that the control of AGVs is proprietary and therefore manufacturer-specific. This means that AGVs from different manufacturers cannot be controlled by a control system of a specific manufacturer. The VDA5050 standard, which was developed by the VDA and VDMA, is intended to overcome this situation. The libVDA5050++ offers a generic open source implementation of the standard, which enables manufacturers of FTFs to convert their vehicles to this standard quickly and without major effort.

Essential Features

  • generic interface to the control system, which is implemented in a middleware-neutral manner which can be quickly adapted to new requirements
  • lean interface to the vehicle, which can be used to forward upcoming driving maneuvers received via the VDA5050 standard to the vehicle and forward received status information VDA5050-compliant from the vehicle back to the control system. 
  • encapsulation of the entire VDA5050 logic within libVDA5050++, which means an enormous reduction in complexity and administrative effort for the user

Involved People

Dennis Lünsch, Jonas Kieran Röger

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