Supply Chain Execution

When it comes to C-parts supply, logistics companies are under particular pressure to design efficient processes due to the low value of each individual item. At the same time, there is great potential for intelligent services to reduce the effort involved in planning and organization. In the »Supply Chain Execution« development project, a wide variety of services are now being developed around the exchange of information in large supply chains and logistics networks which will enter the Silicon Economy as open source solutions.

Project-specific results, e.g. demonstrators or prototypes (excerpt)

  • Open source service for integrating suppliers
  • Open source service for tracking articles
  • Cross-supplier consolidation of information with the help of the IDS secure data space
  • Broker functions for transport management (e. g. automatic tendering for transports)

Contribution to the Silicon Economy infrastructure (excerpt)

  • Basic services and blueprints for consolidating services in the field of C-parts supply with two- and multi-bin Kanban

Benjamin Korth,
Jana Jost,