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About the Sensing Puck

In many industrial sectors, defined transport, handling and storage conditions must be met for products. Nevertheless, transport is often handled via standard trucks and the regular logistics locations at logistics service providers. Transport conditions and the status of the products are often not transparent and documented for the sender and recipient.
A transport unit, possibly equipped with a thermal cover, is therefore linked to a small puck-shaped track & trace device, which is equipped with sensors and documents the conditions along the transport chain and its goods transitions.

The Sensing Puck is a compact track & trace device with temperature, humidity, position and acceleration sensors. Tracking is done via mobile network or WLAN. The robust, rugged housing contains an ultra low power CPU with additional memory as well as an LED matrix for displaying temperature, alarm and ID codes. It is operated by fingertaps on the device. The respective data can be accessed transparently for all concerned in a dashboard.

The device consists of the following components:

  • STM32-L452 – CPU
  • LED matrix (13×7) – display and ID scanning
  • BG77 – CATM1, NB-IoT, GPS – modem
  • ESP8266 – WLAN
  • SHT3X – temperature and humidity sensor
  • LSM6BSOX – position and acceleration sensor


Open Logistics License Version 1.0

Who’s involved

Sebastian Wibbeling,, Leon Valentin Siebel-Achenbach,

Participating companies: Rhenus Freight Road Sales & Management GmbH

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