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About the IoT-Broker

The IoT Broker is a basic component of a Silicon Economy Platform and a solution to integrate IoT devices.

Essential Features

  • Scaling of components for acyclic communication of a very large number of IoT devices
  • Caching of all device messages (every message is processed and stored, no message is lost
  • Preparation of the data of the IoT devices for further use by internal and external services
  • Encapsulation of low-level protocols (e.g., MQTT-sn)
  • Transformation of binary data formats (e.g., Protobuf) into high-level formats (e.g., JSON)

Additional Features

  • Connecting the communication infrastructures of the IoT devices (e.g., cellular infrastructures or private APNs)
  • Providing the former functions via the IDS
  • Storing IoT data in Blockchain Networks

Involved People

Jens Leveling, Martin Grzenia, David Ronnenberg, Lisa Gebel, Jannis Kozian, Christian Hoppe, Sebastian Roeder

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