The development of IoT devices that are individually adapted to a logistics company’s processes and circumstances and that can capture, store, process and transmit data is complex and expensive. Qualitative benefits and indirect savings are difficult to determine and demonstrate without a proof-of-concept in real operations. In the »Modular Open Source IoT-Devices« development project, a modular system is being developed that makes it simple to configure IoT devices.

Project-specific results, e.g. demonstrators or prototypes (excerpt)

  • Open source hardware blueprint kit for direct connection of IoT devices
  • Open source embedded software kit
  • Mobile demonstration environment

Contribution to the Silicon Economy infrastructure (excerpt)

  • Extension of the IoT Broker for direct connection of mission-critical IoT devices
  • Blueprint for secure communication between IoT devices in hardware and software
  • Service discovery of IoT devices for seamless activation and integration of IoT devices (LPnP)

Sebastian Wibbeling,
Sören Kerner,