The Silicon Economy has issued a new information package providing information about their purposes and their significance for logistics as well as about the projects and their results – including FAQs.

Anyone who wants to go »Step by step towards the Silicon Economy« (PDF, 1,1 MB) should download the brochure. It covers the prospective benefits for logistics in general and for logistics companies in particular, but also details of the Silicon Economy’s connections to blockchain and secure data space.

Another brochure on the Silicon Economy development projects (PDF, 900 KB) explains the principle of »no development without application« and lists all the completed and the current development projects – nine in total – providing their durations, brief profiles and the contact details for the relevant project managers. 

You can also find out more in the »Questions and Answers on the Silicon Economy« (PDF, 750 KB) document. Its FAQ format provides a quick introduction and overview of the project, presented by »LedgerMan«. The brochures particularly address companies that want to benefit from the Silicon Economy’s developments and get an overview of the project.