The way the Silicon Economy is using International Data Spaces is the subject of a new blog post explaining how it is as intelligent and innovative as the idea of a platform ecosystem itself. In both cases, the process is not driven by individual companies but by a community.  

The author of the blog, Andreas Nettsträter, responsible for the topics of network and knowledge transfer in the Silicon Economy, points out in his new article how integrated open source solutions can be created and supported by a community, instead of – as in the past – having individual, proprietary and thus isolated solutions, which were not able to decisively advance the digitization of logistics in its entirety so far: »Logistics companies – whether they are logistics service providers or logistics IT companies, corporations, SMEs or start-ups – now have the chance in the Silicon Economy to help shape the data spaces of logistics«, says the Silicon Economy expert. »Many are already taking up this chance. The community that emerges will ensure and guarantee that no company is excluded from using the digital infrastructure in logistics – be it the open source components of the Silicon Economy, or the International Data Spaces.«

Photo: International Data Spaces Association