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Digitalization of import processes in perishable airfreight logistics

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About the digitalization of import processes in perishable airfreight logistics

The import process for perishables is currently very dependent on physical documents. In addition, information retrieval is largely manual. This costs a lot of time, is error-prone, intransparent and thus leads to a slow flow of information. In this project, an open source solution to support import agents in the import of fresh goods was created. The team took into account the international data standard ONE Record in the development from the ground up to ensure maximum compatibility with the air cargo industry. In the dashboard, import agents are able to see all relevant information: They can edit it, extend it and export it for the registration in TRACES via an interface.

Involved People

Oliver Ditz,; Emanuel Skubowius,

Sotracom, Lufthansa Cargo AG, Perishable Center Frankfurt, Lobster Logistics Cloud