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Authorization Module

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About the Authorization Module

If a company introduces a blockchain, people with different roles, tasks and competencies will regularly interact with the blockchain, e.g. read or post transactions and create or view smart contracts. Blockchain accounts are needed for such interaction. However, without a way to authorize, all these accounts could perform the same operations and accesses on the blockchain.

The authorization module – a development of Blockchain Europe – is used to map roles and control access rights to information and smart contracts. For interactions with the blockchain, it checks whether the current account has the access rights required for the interaction. If so, the interaction is executed, otherwise it is rejected with an appropriate error message. Roles and rights involve two levels: First, the management of rights by specially authorized users, and second, the verification of rights in the application.

The authorization module is a basic component used during development projects of the Silicon Economy.

Who’s involved

Dominik Sparer,; Dominik Schmitt,

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