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AI-based ETA service

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About AI-based ETA service

From an end-user perspective, the AI-powered ETA service enables the calculation of transportation routes and prediction of estimated times of arrival or departure (ETA/ETD). Therefore, an open data approach is used, where the system only collects, preprocesses, and learns from open data sources to provide wide-ranging accessibility.

Essential Features:

  • Front End for planning and overview of intermodal transports
  • Service-component to save and track transports generated in the Front End
  • ETA-component which enables communication between data services and performs intermodal route optimization
  • Translation of addresses to geocoordinates (using OSM Nominatim Geocoder)
  • Road route optimization for road transports (using Valhalla Routing Engine)
  • AI-component to perform ETA-prediction on road transports using live Germany highway data
  • Implementation of data services, e.g. q,V-stations of German highway network

Involved people

Alex Rotgang,
Kai Hannemann,

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