The Silicon Economy community continues to grow by getting industry partners involved in its development projects. NOSTA Logistics GmbH is part of the »Digital Consignment Note« team and will be testing the solution in practice. 

Christian Hammacher, COO Road of the NOSTA Logistics GmbH, and Thore Arendt Head of Project & Innovation Management of the NOSTA Holding GmbH, a full service logistics provider from Osnabrück, have a lot of good reasons for participating in the »Digital Consignment Note«  project –from the close contact to the Silicon Economy project managers at Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML and the specific participation of company representatives in the project, to the fact that this is an extremely exciting forward-looking topic for the company itself and for its customers.

Real benefits for all

Along the way, numerous questions must be addressed, for example how comprehensive the solution should be. »It is about striking the balance between covering 80 per cent of the standard cases and not putting unnecessary effort into covering edge cases, but nevertheless creating a solution that everyone can use«, says Christian Hammacher, and Thore Arendt adds: »From a practical point of view the challenge is to work towards a change in the way of thinking. The paper-based approach is so well-established with stamps and signatures being explicitly requested by some customers. The right dose of usability while complying with legal guidelines must be achieved.«

Photo: Nosta Group