Blockchain Europe, the project to build the European Blockchain Institute, is pushing forward the development of blockchain technology at all levels in the context of the Silicon Economy – including teaching. In cooperation with the LFO, Chair of Enterprise Logistics, one of the partners in the project, the virtual kick-off for the »Blockchain in Supply Chain Management« specialist laboratory for 15 industrial engineering students took place at TU Dortmund University at the beginning of the week.

The specialist laboratory teaches the basics of blockchain technology. Subsequently, the students will work in a group to develop a case study. This year, the case study focuses on a fictional company, but that will change. Companies that want to provide their data and their problem are welcome to contact the head of the case study. »It would certainly be considered for the next laboratory case study to work along a real company that is intending to implement a blockchain solution and that is ready to enter into exchange«, explains Tan Gürpinar of LFO.

The specialist laboratory will be completed at the end of the current winter semester. This way, students already come in contact with blockchain during their studies and learn about the potentials of the technology.