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About the Token Manager

In today’s world, many companies are undergoing a digital transformation. More and more processes and the resulting documentation are being digitized. Nevertheless, the documentation is still analog on a regular basis. In the future, documents, data and company assets will be represented by tokens with the help of the Token Manager, a development of Blockchain Europe.

The tokens are stored in a wallet, which serves as a central location for their storage and management. Within a wallet, digital folders can be created in which tokens can be stored in a structured manner. In addition, the change history of a token is being tracked and various token types can be categorized (e.g. EADs, transport documents, transport orders). Furthermore, project-specific functions and data can be realized and used within the Businesslogic-Module.

The Token Manager is a basic component used during development projects of the Silicon Economy.


Open Logistics License Version 1.0

Involved People

Dominik Sparer,; Dominik Schmitt,

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