There are still practically no automated guided vehicles (AGV) which work fully autonomously today. The few autonomous systems that do exist are proprietary and do not offer any standard interfaces. In this context, the »OpenDynamics« project with the main focus on navigation and simulation, as well as sensor technology and localization, specifically aims to extend swarm robot application areas from within halls and warehouses to include outdoor areas. One significant challenge is to achieve the seamless transition of transports as they leave buildings and move onto open-air sites and back again. The navigation of the individual vehicles, their communication with each other and the IT for order placement must be able to work both inside and out without any loss of speed. This project builds on the research results and the vehicle from LoadRunner®. The AGV, a Fraunhofer IML development in the run-up to the Silicon Economy, is considered to be the first component for the platform economy of the future.

Project-specific results such as demonstrators or prototypes (excerpt)

  • Navigation algorithm for differential drive
  • Open source navigation stack
  • Simulation environment for virtual development
  • Open localization framework for sensors and autonomous transport robots of all kinds

Contribution to the Silicon Economy infrastructure (excerpt)

  • Development of an AGV platform for autonomous systems
  • Extension of the IoT Broker for the seamless virtual transition of autonomous cyber physical systems between different management levels
  • Analysis, generation and evaluation of Smart Contracts for autonomous transport systems
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Dr.-Ing. Sören Kerner,
Dipl.-Ing. Guido Follert,