Identification service based on natural features

A service has been created in the project that enables companies to uniquely identify load carriers on a camera-based basis and only on the basis of their external features. The focus is on the classic wooden EUR-pallet (“Pallet Fingerprint”), as these do not contain conventional identification features and imprints are not durable due to color changes and wood abrasion. The identification is based on the individual grain of the pallet feet. In the future, this should eliminate processes such as label printing, temporary attachment of labels to the pallet and manual scanning. The open-source-service includes components of detection, identification, database management and contains a graphical user interface.

Contact/Involved People
Julian Hinxlage,
Jérôme Rutinowski,
Robert Bosch GmbH (Bilddatengenerierung), Arvato Systems GmbH (Bilddatengenerierung)