Digital load carrier exchange

Be it euro-pallets, small load carriers or wire mesh crates: exchange processes for load carriers are still carried out in a largely analog world today; in the digital world, isolated solutions prevail. In the »Digital Load Carrier Exchange« development project, the focus is therefore on designing a uniform exchange process that is as simple as possible in terms of hardware and software.

Project-specific results, e.g. demonstrators or prototypes (excerpt)

  • Development of a solution that captures the exchange process and generates the basic data for exchange
  • Development of a standardized digital exchange certificate which can be used cross-industry and shared between partners via an open interface
  • Pilot demonstration on a legally compliant exchange process

Contribution to the Silicon Economy infrastructure (excerpt)

  • Basic services and blueprints for standardized accounting for exchange data

Philipp Wrycza,
Julian Hinxlage,

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