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Digital Consignment Note/eCMR

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About the Digital Consignment Note/eCMR

The consignment note for international road freight transport (CMR) has been paper-based since 1956. The result is a high administrative effort with numerous manual activities, a multitude of different formats, media disruptions and transmission errors. In this project, a service for the generation, storage and transmission of digital consignment notes in human- and machine-readable formats, taking into account established templates and international standards, was designed and implemented as a reference implementation.

The authenticity and integrity of the transport information is ensured by a digital signature, a version history that includes all changes, and the storage of the hash value in a blockchain.

During implementation, great importance is given to the use of existing standards. For example, the UN/CEFACT data standard, the CMR template of the IRU and the ECDSA signature procedure are used.


Open Logistics License Version 1.0

Involved people

Patrick Becker,; Maximilian Schellert,; NOSTA Holding GmbH

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