Digitalization of import processes in perishable air freight logistics

International airports connect production sites and consumer markets in metropolitan areas throughout the world and play a vital role in high-end and express transportation, in particular where perishable freight is concerned. A lot of the processes and the associated communication are standardized today and have only been digitalized to a limited extend. Not only are they labor-extensive and time-consuming but they are also susceptible to errors and are inefficient to such an extent that freshness and shelf life suffer enormously. The »Digitalization of import processes in perishable air freight logistics« project aims to ensure that the handling processes can largely be taken care of without paper. The components developed in the project are to be tried out and tested in a test run under realistic conditions in close cooperation with companies in the industry.

Projektspezifische Ergebnisse, z. B. Demonstratoren oder Prototypen (Auszug)

  • Time-related optimization for the processing of fresh produce by integrating supply chain participants and authorities (import) digitally
  • Less food waste and more food safety
  • Optimization of freight volume forecasts and the corresponding resource planning

Contribution to the Silicon Economy infrastructure (excerpt)

The import process in Germany and the EU is strictly regulated by means of specifications from the authorities so they are very similar across all locations. Nevertheless, site operators currently rely on proprietary solutions. The open source approach of the Silicon Economy with a transparent, open and extendable solution can provide the necessary acceptance and contribute to further standardization.

Oliver Ditz,
Emanuel Skubowius,