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The infrastructure for the logistics platforms of the future.

100 % Open Source

We are building the Silicon Economy.

The Silicon Economy is a project of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, supported by the German logistics industry. Together we are developing an open-source infrastructure for the platform economy of the future.

Strengthening the logistics industry in Germany and Europe

Developing new business potentials

Helping companies to reach their sustainability goals

Our mission.

According to current forecasts, over the next five years the most successful business models for logistics will come from the platform economy. Our understanding of the platform economy of the future is characterized by the diversity and coexistence of different logistical and industrial B2B platforms: the Silicon Economy. Logistics companies of all sizes will then be given the opportunity to process their business activities in a completely automated way – from ordering and invoicing right through to transportation.

100 % Logistics

Our objectives.

Today, the process of setting up a platform still involves enormous costs, it is immensely time-consuming and it also entails legal uncertainties for the individual company. That is why we are jointly developing both the software and the hardware environment for tomorrow’s autonomous logistics, all controlled by artificial intelligence. Our new logistics operating system will meet the highest data protection requirements and be able to be used by any company, regardless of size.

Maintaining data security and data sovereignty

Avoiding isolated applications and dependencies

Interoperability of companies

100 % Open Source

On the way to the Silicon Economy

The path to the Silicon Economy is via specialist and platform components. How companies can benefit from the open source components now and in future – an overview of all the important user perspectives from current developments for a federal platform economy.



Broschüre Schritt für Schritt in die Silicon Economy

Brochure »Step by step towards the Silicon Economy«

PDF, 1,1 MB

Broschüre Entwicjlungsprojekte der Silicon Economy

Brochure »The Silicon Economy development projects«

PDF, 900 KB

Broschüre Schritt für Schritt in die Silicon Economy

Brochure »Questions and answers about the Silicon Economy«

PDF, 750 KB

Silicon Economist’s Blog

From A for Application to O for Open Source: Personalities from science, business and politics take a stand here on current issues of the platform economy of tomorrow.

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