There are hardly any heterogeneous fleets of mobile robots on the market. Initial efforts towards standardization, such as VDA5050, have created a great deal of added value, however, they are limited to the interface between robots and the fleet controller and neglect robot-specific topics such as fleet coordination and both, process mapping and connection to the customer’s system landscape. The project aims at an operating system for logistics which simplifies the integration of heterogeneous vehicle fleets into various IT systems by means of appropriate standardized interfaces and the mapping of processes via an appropriate system language for the fleet controllers and can on top of that coordinate the vehicle fleet in a collision-free manner for specific areas. It also facilitates the possibilities for localization at the vehicle level by means of standardized formats.

Specific results

  • Implementation of version 2 of the VDA5050 standard for manufacturer-independent and middleware-neutral communication between fleet controller and vehicle
  • Implementation of the vehicle-side processing of the driving commands from the VDA5050 standard
  • Unified localization interface for vehicles to efficiently exchange localization solutions
  • Benchmark for VSLAM procedures on logistic scenarios (Description language for material flow to fill the gap between IT systems and heterogeneous vehicle fleets)

Contribution to the Silicon Economy

  • Open source components with high relevance in existing and new logistics applications are developed.
  • There is a connection to finished projects (Odyn).

Sören Kerner, soeren.kerner@iml.fraunhofer.de
Jana Jost, jana.jost@iml.fraunhofer.de

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