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Blockchain-based organisation of relevant data in external trade (…)


About BORDER – Blockchain-based organisation of relevant data in external trade with regulatory compliance

BORDER – a development of Blockchain Europe, one of the two major research projects on the Silicon Economy – focuses on the digital handling of customs-relevant data along international supply chains, transparency across all stages of customs and logistics processes and forgery-proof documentation using blockchain technology.

Based on existing standardized documents and data sets under customs law, relevant information is shared, refined and reused on the blockchain between the international actors while maintaining data sovereignty in order to generate the greatest possible benefit for all stakeholders. In customs-specific blockchain tokens, data is securely stored in digital folders and managed via authorization processes.

The developed components and services can be set up as independent web applications internationally and interoperable for the handling of customs-relevant data, documents and processes on a blockchain network. The blockchain functionalities can also be integrated into existing software solutions for the further development of security and traceability aspects.

Who’s involved

Roman Koller,, Lorenz Kiebler,

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